Dealing with alcohol and drugs in companies

A recent survey by the University of Leuven showed that more than 12% of all employees drinking alcohol experiences negative consequences of their behaviour. Some of them are: being late, less concentrated, having more conflicts, being less productive, showing more absenteeism... This can have a negative influence on colleagues, efficiency, targets, image... It's time to tackle this growing problem!

In every company there are employees who have a problematic use of alcohol, drugs or medicines. As a manager, it is not always easy to talk about this with the employee in question. Often people turn a blind eye or gossip... until a serious health or safety problem occurs. That is why we organize communication workshops for managers and prevention sessions for employees about alcohol and drugs.

These topics are covered:

  • What drugs are used?
  • How can you recognize drug use?
  • What is the best way to react in case of suspicions?
  • How can you do drug prevention as a company?
  • How do you approach a conversation about abuse?
  • How do you motivate people to quit?
  • Where can you go for help?

We start from concrete cases and get to work on them. In this way, the current problems can be tackled and future problems prevented.

Alcohol or drug abuse is actually a superficial problem. It is generally nothing more than a maladaptive coping strategy to deal with stress, sleeplessness, anxiety, anger, grief, negative thought patterns... With Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) we coach people on how to deal in a constructive way with the inevitable pain that we are faced with in life. The main goal of ACT is to create more psychological flexibility so we do not longer have to run away from problems (f.i. by drinking too much). 

A coaching trajectory starts with an intake interview. If both coach and coachee agree to continue, six coaching sessions (1h30) are planned. A coach doesn't solve problems or tells people what to do. But by listening without judging, asking questions, confronting... he can help clients to gain more insights in their behavior and how to make change possible. 

Luc Rombaut has worked as marketing manager in companies and as an independent (communication)consultant, (mindfulness)trainer and professional coach. He is director of Drugstories (a drugprevention organisation) and co-founder of Itam (a stressreduction training company). He has written several books about drugs and how to break free from addiction.

Telenet, SDWorx, Attentia, Euroclear, ING, City of Ghent, Brussels Capital Region, European Schools, Cobelplast, Solvay, VPK Packaging, ... are some of the clients he has been working with.

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